Buy 3-CL-PCP (3-Chlorophencyclidine)

3-CL-PCP (3-Chlorophencyclidine)

3-CL-PCP (3-Chlorophencyclidine)

3-CL-PCP (3-Chlorophencyclidine) is a new dissociative designer drug developed as a legally approved substance for sale in the EU. 3-CL-PCP has been tested in rodents and acts as a hallucinogen, dissociative, and dissociative. 3-CL-PCP has shown good results when tested in rodents from the PCP family.

3-CL-PCP (3-Chlorophencyclidine)

3-CL-PCP (3-Chlorophencyclidine)

3-CL-PCP information:

Formal Name:  1-(1-(3-chlorophenyl)cyclohexyl)piperidine

CAS Number:

Synonyms: 3-CL-PCP, 3-Chlorophencyclidine

Molecular Formula: C17H24ClN

Formula Weight: 277.84 g·mol

Appearance: Crystals

Purity ≥98%

3-CL-PCP and all the other hallucinogen sold on this website are intended for research and court statements. 3-CL-PCP is a designer drug with potential physiological and psychoactive effects.

Side effects from 3-F-PCP are not known.

Storage conditions: in a cool and dry place. Timing 3-CL-PCP, can last up to 2 years with proper storage conditions.


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